New Zealand

While you were experiencing the blog-version of radio silence, I was meeting cult-radio DJ/secret musician/lifestyle influencer Amelia Discrete (of previously-raved-about radio station 95bFM fame) at a pre-work live jam that took place outside of a record store on Queen Street last Friday!! There was heaps o’ filter coffee and an ill-advised introduction that went: “Hi Amelia!Big fan!Starstruck!Byeee.” #Friendshup

Additionally, I met a charismatic beach dog (did he love me or my sandwich??) and then trudged through literal mud for the sake of an ocean dunk. (I was too close to the marina, it turns out. Not ideal on the foot-feel.) I developed a quick bout of e.coli poisoning–I’m better now!– and facilitated an employee-wide Tim Tam slam event during a shift at work right beneath my manager’s nose and lived to speak of the tale! I took a classic holiday stroll in 70 degree weather and saw one house standing among the effortfully (surely that’s a word) lighted yards/ porches/ shrubbery with a sign that said “Ditto” and an arrow pointing next door, which deserves something like a fruit basket. Then, in my most charitable act of 2017, I painted a 6-foot wooden panel in the center of St. Kevin’s Arcade; the panels are part of an artist collaboration which fit together to form a Christmas tree and are about to be auctioned off to support a cool organization that feeds people, so that’s that!

This brings me to the strange fact that it’s basically Christmas but it’s also summer here in Auckland and I correspondingly feel like a weird little puppet whose internal clock is telling her to wear flannel, bobbing along in front of sunny-as scenery and time is a sham and everyone is just pretending to be on the same page of the calendar BUT WE MIGHT AS WELL BE IN A FESTIVE BOTTLE OF GLITTER-WATER THAT WE MADE IN ART CLASS. (Did you ever do that? I remember my bottle leaking.)

People are working on their holiday tans while wearing snowflake earrings; there’s an 8 foot Christmas tree on the beachfront; yesterday my roommate turned on the air-con. It’s a real hullabaloo! I’ve enacted a practice of late where I sit down for 20 minutes a day and do nothing but listen to Christmas carols to force that damn holiday spirit. It’s like a warped, jazzy form of meditation and I think it’s working! Although it may or may not be 10PM on December 24th as I write this from my bed eating a taco; you can infer what you want about the height of my spirit this holiday season.

If you came for updates on the mobile, I have the following news to report: there is very little news to report, except that I made a clay bit (from clay I found) and a stripey bit (from the sleeves of a t-shirt I Edward Scissorhands’d aka cut.) Guys! It’s called follow-through and I AM GAINING IT.

Experimentally yours,

Emily Johannesburg Pacheco (HAHA WHAT IF THAT WERE MY REAL NAME?!)

P.S. for any northern-Massachusetts-based garden elves and their lazy dogs who are reading this right now, I am sending several rays of sun your way with my mental might. ENJOY!


New Zealand


Ok so the “Cotton” Anniversary is actually– traditionally-speaking, which I always am–  the mark of 2 years of wedded bliss but I’m microcosm-ing this shit to celebrate my 2 months in New Zealand. Anyway, I’m not even confident that today’s cotton would last 2 years. *Nose in the air, pinkies up*

2 months in New Zealand feels simultaneously like SO. LONG. and no time at all. I’ve loved and I’ve lost (a favorite umbrella and every flat white I’ve had here, R.I.P.) and been to more barbecues than one person should be allowed (Don’t be fooled! They’ll say “Seeya at 4PM” but the cooking begins at twilight! Always! This is a  gross generalization and you should definitely actually get there by 6 or you’ll miss the fun, weird bits.)

Last Saturday I drank my first L&P–lemony and delicious!–and Wednesday I held my art meet-up again a.k.a. me and my roommate sit at a cafe and drink too many coffees while we paint, look at babies and pet dogs. Thursday was spent trying to get a cat and a rabbit to be friends and every part of that challenge was the way I imagine acclimating a child to it’s new baby brother would be; rabbit is hyper and cuddly and loves attention and cat is independent but kind of jealous and wants to be the bigger person but sometimes just scratches the rabbit if he gets too closeTHAT RUN-ON SENTANCE IS CONVOLUTED, CLEAN IT UP PACHECO. No, I won’t.

On the brain-front, I am dreaming of making mobiles (like the things babies have over their cribs, but for non-babies!) which is a harsh reminder that I am at a different place in my life. Once upon a thyme, I could’ve reached my hand into 50% of my drawers and that hand would’ve come out holding wire or string or perhaps a weird tchotchke. Now I still only own slightly more than 2 suitcases worth of things (which is amazing in most ways) but the art world, specifically the mobile-sector, is suffering. Maybe I will try a ‘found articles’ mobile, which is an annoying way of saying it could be made out of trash so look out.

Now that you know literally every last thing I am doing as I have left nothing out at all (skipped going to the bathroom this week so that I could keep this full life diary totally honest, open and child-friendly!)–BYE. I have an overdue library magazine to return.