Is it actually a bad thing to post only the positives on social media?

Mind Mess

At this point in the millenium, it is an accepted fact that our online personae are skinny-armed, cocktail-swigging, Clarendon-filtered versions of our real selves, giving the illusion of omnipotent perfection and happiness. While this can sometimes lead to bouts of FOMO and scurvy, there might be an important motivation for posting about our good hair days and leaving our bad ones out to dry in the wind.

For me, it is like a celebration of a successful (and by successful I mean happy by way of being fun/life-affirming/self-esteem boosting/ego-patting) experience. Posting an artfully-staged photo of the Wes Anderson-themed coffee shop where you spent three hours on a sunny Saturday morning drinking macadamia-milk lattes differentiates that moment from your regularly scheduled programming. Now, instead of fading into the past with the other memories of your daily activities, it stands out, memorialized on social media, available for you to revisit any time you want.


Conversely, while posting complaints and negative experiences might be authentic and make you more relatable, it creates the same time-capsule wherein you must now relive those moments anytime you look back in your timeline, profile or g-dang tweet backlog.


So when those winter vacation photos start pouring in from Fiji, don’t get sad–join in! Let them inspire you to find what’s cool and magical in your life and post away, my friend!


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